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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

セメスター1と同じ科目でも、違う科目でも、内容がかなり変わり、勉強が難しくなりました。英語では、poetry study の アセスメントで、2人1組のプレゼンテーションでディスカッションをしました。先生がペアを選ぶことになっており、話したことのペアワークだったため、開始早々不安しかありませんでした。しかし、練習を重ねるごとにお互いの仲もよくなり、私はB評価を獲得することができました。
また、音楽の授業では、パフォーマンスのアセスメントがありました。私はライオンキングの CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHTという曲を弾きました。自分で前奏を作ったり、曲のあらゆるところにアレンジを加えたりして、本番に備えました。しかし、パフォーマンスの順番になった時、今までにないくらい緊張してしまい、最初のテンポを間違えてしまいました。

先週、日本のある旅行会社の方がDarwin High Schoolの見学に来られました。私は生徒代表の通訳として学校案内をしました。学校だけではなく、Darwinの良さも伝えなければならず、最初はとても緊張していましたが、先生方のフォローもあり、無事終了しました。Darwinの良さ、Darwin High Schoolの良さが伝わっていればいいなと思います。



【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(カナダ)

It has been eight months since I came to Canada.
My school started on September third.
We had over two months of summer vacation, so it was hard for me to go back to my normal routine.

I met my friend before the school started. We went to the mall and shopped for a little while. After that, we went to her house and made some oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies. We also took a lot of pictures. We had fun. I’m looking forward to seeing her next time.

I take Social, P.E., English, and Film and Media Arts this semester.
In the Social class, we learn about nations. I have to write an essay, and the theme is “Is Japan a Nation?”
I also have to write an essay in English, too. The theme is “How the individuals deal with their uncertain future.”
In Film and Media Arts, we watch movies and we have to think about what the movie wants to tell us. We have to write short essays
for every movie we watched.
There are many essays that I have to write this semester, and it is very hard for me. I think this will be good to improve my English skills, so I’ll do my best.
I have less than four months until I leave Canada, so I’ll enjoy my life here and make a lot of memories as much as I can.


【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(ニュージーランド)

The eighth month of studying abroad is coming soon. I cannot believe that I have stayed in NZ for more than seven months. The cold is starting to let up yet, it still has been a bit cold. I feel like this school term has just started, however, half of the term has already finished. To tell the truth, I was not homesick but I just missed my family and Japanese friends about five months ago and I was counting how many days I have to stay in NZ. Nowadays, I look at the calendar and perceive that I have three months and few weeks at most. I feel like I have to make most of my time. I even feel sad to leave NZ.

In the third week of term three, there was an international assembly. Students who are from various countries or are studying other languages performed dances, speeches, and so on in the assembly. Since we have no assembly like this in Japan, it was so interesting for me. I performed a Japanese pop dance with the other international students. Although I am not good at dancing and I rarely perform dances in front of numerous people. I could dance well without nervousness and it was success. I attribute the success to my friends who taught me the dance and supported me. I had a joyful time with my great international friends.

In the formal, we had a high-class dinner and talked a lot. I do not have opportunities to have high-class dinners so much so I was so excited. After dinner, we had a dance time. Most students were in the zone and dancing freely. I did not get used to that situation and I was overwhelmed at first. However, I was getting so fun and I was dancing happily at last. I had a precious opportunity. I was not used to that situation so I was overwhelmed at first. However, it became fun and I danced happily. It was a great opportunity.

I had ten days off on the last week of August. Most students have practice exams, however, I did not have them so I had special holidays. I thought I would have nothing to do during the holiday but my teachers organized some activities for the students who did not have the practice exams. We had activities on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesday, we went to Willowbank which was a zoo. I had been there before and I had thought that was just a zoo but we are able to watch not only animals but also a Maori performance. Since I did not watch the Maori performance last time when I went there, I was so happy. The performance was so powerful and interesting.

I have school only for four weeks in this term. I have school for three weeks in next term and then my NZ school life is going to be done. I would like to try new things more and enjoy what is left of my NZ school life. Thank you for reading.

▽The dinner at the school formal.

▽Maori performance

【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(カナダ)




【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(ニュージーランド)