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Wakana Kishihara:
Time flies!! Recently I finally understand the meaning of “time flies like an arrow”. Honestly I’m excited to return back to Japan but I’m also frustrated and sad. I hope I can come back to New Zealand and see my friends in the near future. I literally love all of New Zealand!!
These days most classes are doing about NCEA, which is the university exam in New Zealand. So most students are studying hard even during break time. Because of this, everyone seems busy.

However, I had a lot of wonderful events this month. For example, I had the school ball. It’s like a American prom. Normally it is only an event for Year 12s and Year 13s. I am in Yr11 but school principal allowed me to go to the school ball. We wore a beautiful dress, shoes and some gorgeous jewellery. Also there are yummy food and live music. After we ate dinner, all of students were dancing. It was crazy:)When I returned back home, my leg was so sore. I couldn’t walk any more. Anyway the school ball became the biggest memory because Japanese high schools don’t have an event like this.