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Wakana Kishihara:
I can’t believe I have only 3 more months until I go back to Japan!! When I came here, it was summer but now spring is here so next summer is coming. Then I feel as if time really flies!!!! The town where I live is surrounded by beautiful nature so recently I can see cherry blossom trees. So that’s why I can experience some things I never would have experienced, had I stayed in my town. But at the same time I also miss Japanese cherry blossoms.
Waka 1
My friends and I held a bake sale as part of social studies class. It was a huge success and we made $146. Everything was sold out.  I’ve noticed some differences between Japanese and New Zealand schools. For example, differences in education between Japan and New Zealand are school system, subject, schedule etc… The most surprising difference that I have noticed is that New Zealand’s classes are student-centred. In most Japanese schools and classes, students have to focus on the teacher and then listen to the teacher. But in New Zealand, during class we have to share our thoughts as often as possible with each other.
Waka 2