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Shizuku Tokudome: May Report

We are still in quarantine. Each day, the rules have become less and less strict, but we haven’t returned back to our normal lives yet. As a result, I couldn’t take enough photos for this month’s report. Therefore, I will create a report using pictures that I took on the way to school before living in quarantine. I hope you can enjoy this report ♫

This is my host family's house. The middle window is my room. In the early morning, the birds come on the roof and we can hear the birds singing.

This is on the way to the bus stop. I go to school by bus and train. I walk to the bus stop and take a bus in order to reach Geelong's main station. I then have to ride a train until I reach Lara station.

These are photos of Geelong's main station. When I take the buses and trains, I use a Myki card

This is a picture of a petrol station. (Students go there to buy some drinks and snacks. It is like a Japanese convenience store.)

Finally!! We reached Lara secondary college. My most favorite place in the school is in front of the canteen. I usually eat lunch there with friends. We sometimes even dance there. I also like the library.

We are still in quarantine but my school decided to open from June 9th. I am a little bit nervous because, before the quarantine, I always asked friends about the content in our classes. However, after living in quarantine, we will have to keep a social distance, so I can’t ask my friends for so much help. I feel as if I don’t have much confidence in my English yet and asking an adult for help is so difficult for me. But, I am also looking forward to seeing my friends again. I want to go hang out with my friends as soon as possible!!!