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Kokona Kimura: May Report

It has been a long time since my family and I could go hiking.

At my school, students can choose the class they want to take. They can also change it in the middle of the term. At first, I chose tourism class, but I wanted to take home economics class instead, so I swapped those two classes. Now I am in home economics, and we make food in every class. When I made muffins, my family ate them and said they were delicious. I was very happy to hear that.

My outdoor education teacher took her dogs to my school. That is unbelievable in Japan, so I was surprised.

I was surprised because there are many differences between Japanese schools and New Zealand schools. For each class, there are different people. So depending on the subject we choose, we can’t take the same class every time with the same people. In my school, we sometimes take classes together regardless of the school year. For example, outdoor education and home economics class. Furthermore, at Japanese schools, students say thanks to the teacher after they have talked to us. But in New Zealand, teachers thank us after talking to us. Also, my school doesn’t have school rules, so all the students have a very free school life. When I talked to my friends at school, they asked me why Japanese schools are so strict. I couldn’t explain because I don’t know either, so I want to know the answer to this question. I think New Zealand schools value the individuality of each person. My New Zealand friends keep listening to our teacher until they can understand. When I was in Japan, I couldn’t confidently listen to something I didn’t understand, but since I came to New Zealand, I have become more confident listening to things I don’t understand.