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Wakana Kishihara: May Report

More than four and a half months have passed since I started studying abroad. Little by little, I think my English has improved. My host father’s mum sent us a birthday present and a late chocolate Easter egg. I received a big blanket for my bed. That made me happy since I was so gloomy during lockdown!! Since the 15th of May, Term Two at my school started. Each subject is still hard to do and it is also hard for me to listen to the teacher. But I think I’ve made some progress!! I would rather take these difficult classes than not doing anything at home. Sometimes on the way home, my friends and I stop by a random place. Recently, it's my favorite thing to do!!

The 10th was Mother’s day!! My host sister and I expressed our gratitude to her by making origami for her. She was happy. I was glad too. We also played Monopoly. It is an interesting board game that takes a long time to play. We enjoyed playing it for two days!!

I had a meeting with our coordinator and other international students. I felt everyone’s English had improved a lot!! However, it made me realize that I only have a limited time left in New Zealand. Recently, I think about various things in Japan. The more I think about it, the more I feel anxious about my future.

I think the lockdown in New Zealand has settled down. During the weekends, we can go outside. But it is still difficult to ride the bus because the regulations have been tightened. Thanks to the complete cancellation of the emergency declaration, I can now meet friends on the weekend. So, I hope that the spread of the coronavirus will subside as soon as possible.