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Nana Tomiyama: May Report

Four months have passed since I came here. The school is still closed because of coronavirus, so online classes have started. When I have some questions, I ask my teachers or my host parents. I also read books to learn English. Now I have more time to speak with my host family and study more. When I was in Japan, I studied English a lot to study abroad but when I came here, to understand all conversations in English was hard for me. Now I can understand conversations and talk better than before coming to Canada. Now I would like to go to foreign countries to study languages. Also, I experience new things such as skiing and riding horses here. My host family has also taught me the dishes of Canada and Ukraine. Since living in Canada, I can learn and experience the differences between the culture of Japan and Canada. It is so interesting!!

In Canada, the days are getting warmer. Also, there has been a lot of rainy days. There is beautiful nature in Canada. We can see many kinds of animals here. There are deer, bear, and even moose! In winter we can see many moose. I can’t often see these animals in Japan, so it is interesting to me. Also, many people in Thorhild own horses and cows and chickens. We found a sapsucker last weekend. This is a beautiful bird. While we were watching the show on the television, this bird hit the window. This bird was not in good condition so we were able to hold it and feed it.

I sometimes make crafts with my host sisters. This craft is made of soap bubbles. To make it was so difficult but we were able to make it. I didn’t make crafts in Japan so this is a good experience for me!! I have a lot of my crafts now and I am so excited to make more !Picture2.png
Since being in Canada, I have been able to collect many kinds of rocks such as Marble, Quartz, and Gabbro. I can’t collect these rocks in my town in Japan, so it was an interesting experience for me! I collected many rocks with my host sisters. We collected many Marble and Quartz rocks. They are so nice and beautiful. My favorite rock is Granodiorite.Picture3.png