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Wakana Kishihara: April Report

More than two and a half months have passed since I started studying abroad. New Zealand’s government made a request to stay inside. So we are under an order to stay-at-home. But sometimes I go outside because we were allowed to take a walk. These pictures are from the park near my house. Autumn seems to have set in.
Wakana NZ 1

April 12 was Easter Day. Unlike Japan, most people around the world celebrate it. On this day we can eat a gorgeous dinner and watch a movie. Also, children can play games and get some beautiful packaged chocolates. We had a really nice time.
Wakana NZ 2

Wakana NZ 3

April 25 was ANZAC Day. It commemorates New Zealanders and Australians killed in the war and honours returned and serving servicemen and women. So it is an important day for New Zealand and Australia. But it was neither busy nor slow. It’s an average day. So my host sister and I played with the birthday present that I gave her. We made a lot of macarons. We made some bad macarons but I had an enjoyable time.
Wakana NZ 4

New Zealand has just recently lowered the state of emergency level. We are able to drive through at McDonald’s. We ate it for the first time in a long time. It was sooooooo delicious. I think school will start again in two weeks.
Wakana NZ 5

Kokona Kimura: April Report

Online Learning
We couldn’t go to school in April due to COVID-19. Our school started online learning on April 15th so I could meet and talk to my friends on Google Hangouts. My school has online learning in the morning. It is hard for me to take online learning because I couldn’t understand what the teacher says. I sent mails to my teacher every time to tell him about what I didn’t understand after taking online learning. I hope our normal life will come back as soon as possible. Japanese Curry I made curry for the first time by myself. I was nervous because I made it for my host family. My house doesn’t have a rice cooker, so I had to make steamed rice without a rice cooker. It was very difficult to make it. I would like to make it again and I also want to make other Japanese dishes.
Kokona NZ 1

Slept in the Garden I slept with my host sister in the garden. It was very fun. My host sister is an international student from Germany, we talked about various things in the tent. The night sky was so beautiful that we talked and decided to sleep outside the tent. I slept while looking at the stars for the first time, but it was very cold at night. The next morning our dog came to wake us up. Next time, I want to sleep in the tent.
Kokona NZ 2

Painting and City Center I painted wood deck with my host father. It was difficult but very fun. It took about 4 hours to paint all the places. I also went to the city center by skateboard. It took about 1 hour and I was tired.
Kokona NZ 3
Kokona NZ 4