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Nana Tomiyama: April Report

April 12th is Easter day! In the morning, I was looking for many Easter eggs with my host sisters. They were filled with chocolate and other things. My host mother made Easter dinner. It was so delicious.
Nana Canada 1

I played pool for the first time. I can’t play it well. My host father plays it well so I want him to teach me more. I want to play it well some day. I enjoy playing pool with my host family, and I would like to play it with them again very soon!
Nana Canada 2

I watched the movie “Trolls World Tour” with my host family. In this movie, Trolls sing and dance to a lot of popular songs such as “Wannabe”-Spice Girls and “Zimzalabim”-Red Velvet. I like this movie a lot!
Nana Canada 3