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Rio Nagai: April Report


I’ve been in quarantine for two months now. However, I can still do a lot of things. For example, school work, watching movies and chilling out, Facetiming, texting friends etc...I believe talking to my host family and friends is helping me avoid depression and from being lethargic.
Rio Australia 1

Rio Australia 2

Online School

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what to do on online classes. It took a long time to get used to it. I’m concerned
that my English won’t improve as much as it’s supposed to. I can’t do anything about it so I guess I have to study more.... I really hope this whole Coronavirus crisis will end soon.

Shizuku Tokudome: April Report

Recently, I don’t go to school because of COVID-19. My host school began online learning since last week. I’ve been meeting my friends on Google Hangouts. I miss my friends so much. The government is saying school will start in a few weeks but they don’t give us detailed dates yet so I’m afraid that I’ll be stuck in this house until November. I hope such a thing won’t happen. Then I will change my mind and I will give you the report of April. I hope you will enjoy it!

I baked a chocolate cake. This was my first time to do baking by myself. I think it looks not too bad. And it was yummy. My host family were glad because I made that by myself and I was also happy with how the cake turned out. Today was a good day.

Shizuku Australia 1

Today was my host dad’s birthday. He turned 65 years old. We ZOOMed to their son living in Adelaide and sang the song “Happy Birthday.” After that, we all had caramel cake and ate chocolate that my host sister presented for my host dad.

Shizuku Australia 2

I went to my coordinator’s house with my host mom to give some letters. She was playing with her big dog. The dog’s name is “Molly”. The dog was very friendly and powerful. I played with her for a while and after that I went to the city to buy some stuff. Usually there are many people in the city, but today there were not. I hope that this quarantine will soon end.

Shizuku Australia 3

Today, I’m going to show you how I’m doing online learning. This picture is my online physics class. Teachers put PowerPoint slides or Google slides on each Google Classroom (We have a Google classroom for each subject.) then we open ZOOM and students can enter that to learn. I have four sessions in a day. One session is usually 80 minutes but they have changed the class schedule for online learning so currently one session is only one hour.

Shizuku Australia 4

I made pancakes with my host mom. The pancake picture is for my host sister. She loves Disney movies so I put them like Mickey Mouse. I had these pancakes and watched a movie with her .
Shizuku Australia 5

Today, I went for a walk during session one. I took many pictures of the neighbourhood that I walked around in.


Recently, everything is changing because of the virus. Students cannot go to school to see and talk with friends. Workers cannot go to work and some of them have been fired. There is a poster on the entrance wall of the supermarket telling us that that more than 37 people should not enter. On the floor there is tape that keeps people in a social distance while lining up at the cash register. Has someone ever thought that could happen while I'm studying in Australia?

At least I never thought of that. But I know this is nobody’s fault. Nobody wanted this to happen. I know, but I am very sad. Sometimes I think if this virus hadn't spread all over the world, I could be able to go to school, meet my friends and hug them. I could also make a plan to go out with my friends. No one can’t help that. But I am looking forward to doing those things.

Online learning is sometimes (not every time) too hard for me, I ask my teachers and they give me other tasks that are not the same as regular students. When this happens I feel miserable. I came here to learn English by taking the same classes as Australian students but I cannot do so because of my poor English level. It doesn’t mean I want to go back to Japan. I really want to stay here as long as possible. This is just one of my feelings nowadays. I’m enjoying some fun things like watching Disney movies with my host family and baking with my host mom.

Even though I cannot do anything, I am not sad. Please do not worry. My life in Australia is going well and I am so happy. My host mom is saying my school might start to from next Monday or Tuesday. I really hope so too.