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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(カナダ)

It has been ten months since I came to Canada.
On Halloween, my friend and I went trick or treating. We walked around our neighborhood and we got a lot of candy. It was my first time to go trick or treating so it was very exciting. I wish we had this kind of event in Japan too.
November 14th was my birthday so my host family held a birthday party for me! My room was full of balloons so I was very surprised and also happy. That night, my friends and my host family’s friends came and we ate many Filipino foods and cakes. It became one of my best memories in Canada.
Christmas is coming soon so there was a Christmas tree light ceremony. We went to see the lightings and it was very beautiful. I can’t wait for Christmas!!
At school, I’ve been studying a lot lately. We are learning about World War Ⅰ in social right now, and I’m really trying hard to keep up with the other students.
In English, we are reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We read Romeo and Juliet in English last semester and it was easier than Macbeth because I knew the story. But reading and understanding the story of Macbeth is very hard because I’ve never read this story and it’s not in modern English.
In Film Studies, we watched four movies about Vietnam War. After we watched alI the movies, we had to choose one movie and make a PowerPoint presentation. We had to make a presentation about the movie’s theme and what did the director want to tell the audience. It was very hard, but the teacher told me I did a great job and she gave me a 100 percent.
I have about 20 days of school left so I’ll do my best to keep up the good work.