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【高校-コース情報】2A生徒 留学報告(ニュージーランド)

I have just five weeks before going back to Japan. Summer is coming, so it is getting hot. I like summer but since NZ’s sun is strong, sunglasses are essential for me. I sometimes think about the English exams in Japan such as Eiken and TOEIC and I feel anxious and I need to study hard. I know my busy Japanese life is waiting so I wish I was a New Zealander. However, my NZ friends are studying hard for their big exam so I realized that I have to study hard wherever I am. I had my birthday and some fun things this month. Also, my NZ school has finished this month.

I had a sleepover with my friends in the second week of October. We played Mario Kart, Mario party and so on until dinner time. We also talked about school and tik tok which is a video app. Some of my friends make videos with the app but they do not post them. We had fish and chips for dinner. I ate hot chips until I got full. I do not eat chips until I get full in Japan so I was really happy. We ate ice cream after dinner. There were three flavors of ice cream boxes. They were mango, vanilla and chocolate. I do not buy ice cream boxes in Japan so I thought NZ people were lucky to get ice cream in a box. We watched a horror movie at night in a tent. We slept in the tent so I could not sleep well but I thought it was interesting to have a sleepover in a tent.

I went to a cat café which was in Christchurch with my friends. I have never been to a cat café in Japan and I thought there was no cat cafés in Christchurch so I was surprised that there was one and it made me so excited.

I turned 17 years old on 15th October. I did not do special things for my birthday last year.
However, many people celebrated my birthday this year. I got a lot of presents and some people sang the birthday song for me. My friends brought cupcakes and sang the birthday song at lunch. One of my friends organized a sleepover for my birthday but her brother got sick and she got sick as well so the sleepover was postponed. I was just so happy that she organized the sleepover.

I went to Lazer Strike, which is a shooting game, with my friends. That was for my birthday and I got more presents. Also, one of my friends paid the game fee for me. The game was so much fun. We went to Kosco and got some snacks afterwards. We went to a park and shared the snacks. That was a good time and I felt happy. We went to souvenir shops at last. I got some souvenirs for my Japanese family and friends there. I had a great birthday party.

I have many events this month so I would like to enjoy them. Thank you for reading.

▽ice cream

▽at the cat cafe