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【高校-コース情報】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

I can't believe I have only one month left to stay in Australia. I feel I don't want to leave. I still make good memories in Australia. Today, I would like to tell you about one of my best memories. That is hiking camp for outdoor education. It went for there days.

The first day hiking walked about 13km. Actually this was my first hiking. At first I was worried that my walking speed would slow down if I carried heavy luggage but as I walked, I got used to it and walked more smoothly than I expected. There are two things I paid attention when I was walking. The first is walking with the center of gravity tilted forward than when normally walking. This is to prevent a balance from being lost due to heavy loads when walking. This is to prevent stumbling from stones or twigs.

The second day hiking walked about 21km, I think that I was able to hike on the second day using what I learned on the first day. On this day, I got used to carrying heavy loads and hike while maintaining a certain speed. In addition, I felt that I was calm and thoughts were cleared by being surrounded by nature and I realized that I hadn’t touched nature so far.

I was in charge of lunch, so I made a group lunch. I bought things that our group had decided in advance (tuna, crackers, boiled eggs, cucumber). It was good.

The pleasantness of walking in nature, the coolness of the shade, the beautiful scenery, the sound of nature fluttering in the wind, all have a freshness that is different from everyday life and refreshed the mind. In particular, the shaded places were cool and my heat went away and the beautiful scenery blew away my tiredness.

On the morning of the third day, I got up early and cleaned up, packed and folded the tent. I think I was able to hike more comfortably with less luggage. I was able to clean up the tents and packing by taking advantage of what I learned in the previous camp. After clearing up all stuff, there was a vivid bird nearby, and the principal gave me the bird’s food. So I fed the birds. I was surprised because these were wild birds but they were so friendly.
We arrived at the lake and I thought we can just swim and play. However, the teacher said that they could dive into the lake from a rock near the lake, so everyone started climbing the rock. So I followed. I saw that everyone dive and at first I thought it looked fun. However, I was more scared than I expected to stand on the rock, but I jumped three times in total. In particular, after standing on the rock for the third time, I suddenly began to think that feeling of jumping was scary, so I give chances to other people. However, my friends and teachers said a lot like “Come on Yuri!” “You don’t have the chance anymore!” So finally I jumped there. I was very scared of the first diving in my life, but it was also a great memory for me. Diving was scarier than a roller coaster. I’m glad I had a lot of my first experiences in these three days.