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【高校-コース情報】2A生徒 留学報告(カナダ)

It has been nine months since I came to Canada. It is getting colder day by day.
I went for a field trip to Calgary to watch a play with all the students from English 20. Our seats were very close to the stage.
The play was very good. It was the best play I have ever watched so I felt very lucky to be able to come. When we we’re heading back to the school by bus, I talked with a girl who is an exchange student from Sweden. She came to Canada during the summer vacation so this was our first time to talk to each other. We talked about our life in Canada, our home town, culture shock etc. It was very interesting to get to know someone that is from different country and I had a lot of fun. I only have two months and three weeks left but I hope that I can get to know her more.
Winter is coming soon. My host parents and I went to the park and took a lot of fall pictures before the fall ends. The scenery there was very beautiful.
On October 19th and 20th, I volunteered at the Historical Village. There was a Halloween Party and I volunteered to give candies to the children wearing a witch costume. We don’t usually do something on Halloween in Japan, but in Canada, everybody will wear a costume and do trick or treating. It became one of my best memories in Canada.
October 14th was the Thanksgiving Day and my host parents’ friends came to our house. We had a thanksgiving supper.
At school, I’ve been really working hard on my studies for the Social 20, English 20, and Film Studies. One day my English/Film Studies teacher came to talk to me and she told me that the essays that I wrote were excellent. I was very surprised and happy because I didn’t think that my essays were good. Her words made me want to improve my writing skills more. Writing essays are very hard but I think it is a good practice for me to pass the English Exam that I’m going to take in January. I only have two months and three weeks left before I go back to Japan so I’ll enjoy my life here as much as possible.