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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(ニュージーランド)

The ninth month of studying abroad is coming soon. I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends in Japan. However, I want to stay with my NZ friends more, so I have mixed feelings. I would like to have good days for the rest of my time anyway. I started to think what I am doing after studying abroad. I am going to take English tests when I go back to Japan. I recently took an English test as a mock test and got a higher score than when I took it before. I was so happy, but I realized that it was far from my goal score. Although I got anxious about that, I believe I can get the goal score when I go back to Japan by studying hard.

I did experiments of fish and heart dissections in biology class. It was shocking but interesting. We cannot do dissection experiments so much in Japanese schools, so I was happy to do the experiments. We read aloud karakia which is Maori prayer in order to appreciate creatures before the experiments. I think it is like Japanese itadakimasu. I thought it was one of New Zealand’s good customs. I appreciate the teachers who gave us such a precious experiment.

I had a sleepover to celebrate one of my friends’ birthdays. Since I did not think that I could have sleepovers with my friends in NZ, it made me so happy and excited. We played some games first. I loved monopoly the best. It was like a game of life. We ate a lot of snacks and lollies while we were playing games. We ate chicken nachos for dinner. It was so good and I loved it. We played some games after dinner again and ate a birthday cake. We sang the birthday song and it was so much fun time. We watched a romance movie before sleeping. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. We had some waffles as late breakfast the next day. We also played games. I was happy to play games a lot with my best friends. I enjoyed it so much. Before going home, my friends told me that they will organize a birthday party for me on my birthday. I was delighted to hear that.

I recently started to go to the school gym after school because I am getting overweight since I came to NZ. There is a gym room in my school and I got a membership card to use the room. I am not good at fitness yet, I can do my best to lose my weight. I used to eat snacks and lollies sometimes and from time to time, I eat fish and chips for dinner. That why I gained weight. I hope I will return to my weight before coming to NZ.

I went to an international quiz night recently. My host family did not go to the quiz night but I participated in the event with my friends. I joined one of my friend’s group. There were some quiz questions about Japan in the international quiz so I answered positively. There was a music quiz. Since there were many songs I love, I was so happy. I had a good night with my friends and friends’ host families.

Term 3 is over and the two weeks holiday has started. I have already decided what I am going to do during the holiday. I am hanging out with my friends and going to one of my friends’ birthday parties. Also, my friends will organize a birthday party for me and we are having my birthday party during the holiday. I am quite excited about it. I am happy to have nice friends. I would like to enjoy this holiday. Thank you for reading.


▽The birthday cake