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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

It has been seven months since I came to Australia. This month was so quick as the last month. My friends, teachers and my host family also said that. Recently, it is not too cold. It will be spring soon in Australia. I have experienced a lot of things in this month as well.

On the 3rd of August
I went to a local show with my host parents and my friend. The show is like a amusement park. There were a lot of people and shops in the area. The atmosphere was so amazing for me because I had never been to a festival like this. The show had a fireworks ceremony. It was my second time for me to watch fireworks in Australia. It is a little different to Japan. Japanese fire works ceremonies are really quiet but Australia ceremonies are with music and fires they are not only fireworks. The same day, my friend and I went to a movie theatre to watch “Toy Story 4”. It was a little bit scary but I was so glad to watch the movie.

On the 18th of August
My host family, their grandchild and I went to a garden to see Japanese culture. We experienced “making rice cake”, “Tea ceremony”, “Japanese song”, and “Japanese art.” I was so glad my host family experienced and told me their thoughts about Japanese cultures. After this, we went to a park which is where I went on the first day of arriving in Australia. The place is so nostalgic and important for me. And we went to a crepe restaurant. I ate a seafood crepe. It was so tasty.

On the 30th of August
It was purple day today. It is gender diversity day. I went to a teacher’s office to talk, eat and play a game. A teacher made cupcakes which were so cute and tasty. I could talk with people because I joined the group by myself and I told them about Japanese high school.

I have just three more months left to stay in Australia with my amazing host family and friends so I will do my best and I would like to enjoy every day. My host family, teachers and my friends helped me to improve my English a lot so I would like to say “Thank you so so much” with all of my heart.