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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

It has been four months since I came to Australia. I feel that time passes quickly.

Korean students came to our school for three weeks. One of the student joined my host family. I went to Mount Lofty where we can see the landscape of Adelaide with my host family. I saw Adelaide airport, a stadium, and the sea from there. I was glad to see the landscape of Adelaide. On the way to get there, we tried to find koalas. But we couldn’t find them. However after we went to Mount Lofty, when we were going back to a car, we found a koala. I was so happy and I had a good time with my host family.

All international students and Korean students went to the Chocolate factory, Big Rocking Horse, and Gorge Wildlife Park as an excursion. In the Chocolate factory, I bought some chocolates for souvenirs. There were many kind of chocolates and it’s not sold in Japan. In Gorge Wildlife Park, we can see animals. I fed animals. It was scary but it was fun. I also held a koala. When I held him, I couldn’t believe it because to hold a koala is a very precious experience. He was so cute and it was heavier than I expected. This excursion was a very good experience and it became a good memory.

I went shopping to buy a birthday present for my host mother with my host sister. We bought a wallet, hair clip, and earrings. On her birthday, we celebrated and ate a cake, and gave her presents. She was very surprised and happy to get it. I was glad to see her happy face.
I have less than a month until I go back to Japan. Because I don’t want to regret, I will do my best until the end and I will make good memories.