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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

Almost seven months have passed since I came to Australia. I experienced a lot of things this month.

About the exchange student camp:
I participated in the mid year AIIU camp with nine other Japanese exchange students. The location was Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast. I was really happy to see my friends and our support officers. I thought my English skills have improved because I could understand what my friends and my support officers spoke. We did some activities, ate a lot of countries' food, visited many places, and had a birthday party for my friend and me. We ate a birthday cake and BBQ food. My support officer gave us birthday gifts. One of them was a bookmark. Both of us liked to read, so we were really excited. And I talked with my support officer for a long time because I wanted to know how much I could speak English. She was really surprised how much my English was improved.

About my birthday
July fifth was my birthday. My host family gave me a lot of presents. They were a stuffed kangaroo toy, Australian strap, my favourite sweets, colourful cake, letter, drawings they were from host grand children and Australia outback spectacular’s ticket. I went to a show with my host parents at night. The show includes a lot of Australian cultural things and surprises. I had a wonderful time. I really appreciate my host family.

About unicycle
I went to Brisbane city with my host father and my friend. I rode my unicycle in the city, so a lot people were surprised. Another day, I went to the beach with my host father to ride my unicycle. We walked 20km. I was happy to show and amuse a lot of people through unicycle, so I would like to do like this again.

I can stay in Australia for four more months. I have to do my best and work really hard. I do not want to regret myself, so I will talk with a lot of people and study English more. I really appreciate my family, my host family and many people who have supported me. Thank you.


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