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【卒業生近況】2A生徒 留学報告(オーストラリア)

About six months have passed since I came in Australia. This month, I have finished all my assessments and examinations, and I have received an academic report from each of my teachers. Every teacher said that I have worked really hard and am doing really well, so I am really satisfied with my results and these comments from my teachers. It is half way through my study abroad life. The time is going really fast for me. I am always thinking that I have to study English and increase my vocabulary. Sometimes, I’m disappointed that I cannot express myself well, especially with pronunciations. I have decided that this semester’s goals are to fix my pronunciations, be positive in everything and do my best. I have a dream that I will enter the Asia Pacific University and I will be a secretary. I need advanced English skills and personal skills to enter the university. I would like to think I will go back to Japan in five months and be able to do everything. I can change my life from now and I will do my best. I can communicate with many people, express myself, understand my tasks, conversations and school lessons. So I believe I will be able to speak, write, read and listen in English and I will be confident with my English.
Anyway, I would like to write about an experience.
I went to a swimming competition with my host father. I liked the atmosphere. I don’t know why, but every swimmer did their best and I was moved by their aspirations. Also, I learned a new dance for the next school dance competition. The music for the dance is from “Lion King”. The dance is really difficult because it is so quick, but I actually like this choreography. I would like to apply elements of the dance to my unicycle performance. I went to two museums in a day and I looked at a lot of traditional Australian exhibits. Also, I learned more about the Australian history. I went to a park with my host father and host grandchild to throw a boomerang and walk along the beach. It was my first time to throw a boomerang and my host father taught me how to throw it. The boomerang can come back to you when you throw it. And one time I was able to catch it when I threw it. We were so excited.
Also, I got my results for all of my subjects. They are really good , so I am thinking it was good that I studied between three and six hours a day. When I started to study for assessments and examinations I was really anxious because I really wanted to get good marks. I will continue to study hard for my future.
This month, many people assisted me a lot. I still have five months in Australia so I would like to challenge myself to achieve many things and improve my English skills. I appreciate my family, grandparents, host family and many other people who have supported me from the bottom of my heart.