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【学校情報】2A生徒 留学報告(カナダ)

It has been 5 months since I came to Canada. It's getting warmer so I have been going out a lot.
I visited Banff with my host family. Banff is a famous spot for tourists. The scenery there was very beautiful. And I visited the Dry Island Buffalo Jump for hiking. It was my first time to go hiking. I think I won't have an opportunity to go hiking if I'm in Japan. It was hard but I had fun.
At school, there was a graduation ceremony. My friend graduated, so I attended the ceremony for her. I took a lot of pictures with my friend after the ceremony. I found grads in Canada and grads in Japan are somewhat different.They wore caps and gowns. And the audience clapped and cheered every time the graduates' names were called.
The week before the summer vacation, I and my classmates in food class made more than 400 cookies for the whole school. I've never made cookies that many, so it was a fun experience for me.
I often go to the youth group on Fridays. One day we went to the church in Sylvan Lake. I watched the baptism for my first time.
I did a lot of exciting activities this month and there will be also many events in July, so I'm really excited.
My English is getting better. I couldn't talk a lot when I first came to Canada, but I'm getting used to express my feelings now. And I don't have to translate in my head all the time. I have about 7 months before I go back to Japan, so I will try harder to improve my English.