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I have been in Australia for 3 months.
This month was very busy for me because I have had many experiences.
For example, I finished all of my assignments and exams, my host family have taken me to a lot of places, and Japanese student came to my host school.
I no longer feel homesick because my father has encouraged and supported me.
I have done all of my assignments and exams and I found them challenging. Because of this I have had to improve my English skills. Next time I think I will do even better
All of the teachers say ‘you are working very hard’ so I want to continue to work very hard.
I went to the Queensland museum festival with my host family.
We had to wake up at 4:30 am because my host mother works at the museum and we had to enter the museum before it was open to the public.
Many people came to the festival because it was held only in New York and Brisbane.
We were on National TV and appeared in the weather segment. At the museum I liked viewing the real NASA objects, science activities, animals and the bones.
Of all the exhibits, I liked the NASA sector the best because I like the moon, space and mysterious things.
I looked at the space suits that looked very strong and cool.
I met two newscasters so I took pictures with them. They were very beautiful and kind.
My host mother introduced me to many people and explained many things. I was so excited and I am thankful for my host family.
I rode on the big wheel of Brisbane which is very popular in Australia so I was happy to visit there. I was able to see a lot of the city Brisbane from the wheel.
I also rode on the City Cat ferry that is a boat which operates like a bus on the river. I also viewed the city from the river. I had an amazing time.
My host mother introduced me to some of the museum staff and it was discussed that I might do a unicycle performance at the next big event. I will practice and improve my English skills. That day was a very incredible day.
Some Japanese exchange students visited our school for a fortnight. It was a good experience because I was able to support them in many ways.
If they didn’t understand English, I had to explain it to them. So I made friends and it was beneficial for me to improve my English skills.
I went to a restaurant where my host sister is a manager. This restaurant was amazing because it overlooks the sea and looks cute and beautiful.
I ate Canadian waffles with a chocolate frappe which both were delicious and looked good so I was very happy.
My host family have taken me to Pelican Park, sunshine coast, beaches, soccer game and cinema so I am very happy.
I will continue to work hard as I want to improve my English skills and other skills.
I want to thank everyone who has helped me from the bottom of my heart. I thank my family, my grandparents, my relatives, host family and everyone. I will continue to do my best.

柴田夏海 オーストラリア 三月 landscape

柴田夏海 オーストラリア 3月 Canadian waffle