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It has been a month since I came to NZ. I couldn’t understand native English at all when I came here first but recently I can understand native English little by little.

There are 4 people in my host family. I have a host grandma, a host grandpa, host brother and host sister. My host sister is 6 years old. She is friendly and energetic so I like to talk and play with her. My host grandma and grandpa are so kind and they always ask me “How was your school?” when I come back from school. I can’t respond well yet but I like to talk about my school to my host family. My host brother likes listening to music and watching movies so he tells me good songs and interesting movies. I also like music and movies so I’m glad that he tells me about them.

In my school, there are about 20 international students from Japan. Korea, China. Vietnam and Thailand. I can learn about various cultures by talking with them in English. English is wonderful for communicating with people from various countries. I’m taking Mathematics, Biology, ESOL(English for speakers of other languages), Physical Education, Home Economics and Japanese. It’s difficult to keep up with my classes. Especially the Biology class is so difficult because I have to spend more time learning and remembering biology terms in English. It is a more simple to task for local students. However I like biology so I enjoy it. I made new Kiwi friends in my school. It’s difficult to understand and enter their conversation because they talk so fast. I try to say something and enter their conversation but the subject always changes soon so I just listen. I want to be able to enter their conversation someday. Actually I was homesick for the first three days that my classes started. The reason is my classes are so difficult and I can’t enter the conversation of my friends. It would probably be more accurate to say I was brother-sick. I mean I missed my younger brother. So, I joined a volunteer club and kapa haka club at school. I want to join the swimming club next term.

On my holiday, I went to the Sparks concert (summer festival) with my friends also I had a BBQ with my host family at home. My host brother invited lots of friends to the BBQ. There were lots of people I didn’t know so I was little nervous but they were so kind and some people talked to me so I had a good time. There were lots of meals and desserts so I was surprised. They were very delicious and I ate too much on that day. At the festival, I enjoyed listening to performances by the orchestra and watching the fireworks. Unlike Japanese summer festivals, the NZ summer festival is large in comparison. Also, I found two good points in their festival. The first one is cherishing the environment as much as possible. For example, forks and spoons sold at food stalls were made of wood. Also the rubbish bins at the festival were divided into recycling, organic and landfill. The second one is some children were doing a raffle (donation activities). If I made a donation, I can get a lottery ticket. I thought it was a good way to collect money for a cause.

I feel like the days are going faster everyday. Sometimes I have difficulty but I’m enjoying studying abroad. My studying abroad is just for a year. I want to try as many things as possible and I want to experience lots of things. I would like to keep treasuring everyday.

▽rubbish bins at the festival

▽desserts from BBQ