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I have been in Australia for one and a half months.
It was so hard in the first week of school because that was the first time for me to spend time in a foreign school.
I was surprised because the students are very free .
For example, they are listening to music, eating snacks, talking with their friends on the phone and are very noisy in lessons.
My host school is very large so I was lost, but many people assisted me so I'm being able to attend classes.
At first I couldn't understand what people talked about.
Therefore I was alone in my heart but my host family, and my friends helped me thereby I could get over the first hurdle.
If I don't understand anything now, I ask my teachers as soon as possible.
I became a Japanese teacher assistant in Japanese class so I helped to teach Japanese and I am taught English by my friends.
I passed a school dance audition therefore I'm remembering dance choreography.
It is very difficult for me because the dance is very fast and I have to express it beautifully.
I will join a competition so I will do my best.
I brought my unicycle to Australia therefore I did a unicycle performance at my host mother's parents anniversary.
I was praised by many people.
I want to show a unicycle performance at my school.
I'm having to complete assessments which are very hard.
An assessment is a test.
English assessment is about a workplace in the future. I had to explain about this for young people.
Math assessment is about a 'graduation trip' .
I didn't know about this assessment until the day before the deadline so I made reports in a day. It was very hard for me because I must use three languages.
For example, I have to use English, Japanese and Korean language when I made the reports.
Music assessment is group performance and
I am going to play the ukulele.
My group members are very kind, so I will do the best for my group and me.
I was given the ukulele by my host brother.
The ukulele is mt treasure.
I watched girls soccer game in Brisbane.
It was very fun because a Japanese player belong this team.
Her play is amazing so I have a crush on her.
I will watch international girls soccer games with my host family.
I'm so excited.
It is very hard for me to be living in Australia.
But I have been given this special opportunity by my parents and grandparents.
I will absolutely do my best.
Thank you my family, my grandparents and everyone.


柴田夏海 2月 anniversary