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It has been about three weeks since I came to New Zealand. I think time went by so fast. I went to a lot of places and learned about New Zealand. First, I learned how to stay at a home stay in NZ, where I stayed for 11 days in Hamilton. My host father took me to the study center and I studied from 9am to 4pm where I learned about NZ food, supermarkets, schools, history, geography, homes, Maori culture, body, health, philosophy, difficult situations and newspapers. As you can see I learned a lot. Sometimes it was difficult but it was interesting for me. In the class, I went to the supermarket, community center and mall. I surveyed what kind of foods are sold in a NZ supermarket. I was surprised there were many cheap Japanese foods in the supermarket. Also there were many kinds of foods from different countries. In the community center, I talked to a lot of children. They spoke English so fast so it was hard for me to understand but it was good practice to improve my English skills. In the mall, I opened my account at the bank and I bought a water bottle.

▽NZ supermarket

My host family took me the base(mall in Hamilton), the beach and a waterfall etc. I also ate a lot of NZ meals. I ate pavlova(NZ meringue cake), L&P(NZ fizzy lemon juice), Fish&Chips, and Hokey Pokey ice cream. My host mother was good at baking so I made pavlova with her. It was a good experience for me and pavlova is so good. I watched movies with my host family. There was a movie room in my host family’s house and there are a lot of DVDs. I couldn’t understand all of the movies but it was good for me to practice English and I had a good time.


On the last day of lauguage training, I had a party. I ate various pizzas, potatoes and drank L&P. I was confident speaking English in this lauguage training. I found differences between Japan and New Zealand. I think NZ people cherish their environment more than Japanese. Because NZ people have some reusable shopping bags. In supermarket everyone uses reusable shopping bag becouse there are no plastic bags in some. It costs money even if there is a plastic bag. I think it is good for the environment. And I think Japanese should have reusable shopping bag. I have my reusable shopping bag from now on.
I came to Christchurch and met my new host family. Also my high school in NZ has started. I’m worried that I can’t make friends in school but I’ll be positive and talk to my classmates. I'll do my best to get used to school soon. Thank you for reading.