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It's been passed for four months since I came to Canada. I have only one month left. I'm getting along with Korean and Filipino. I'm able to learn a lot of things. If I have words which I don't understand, I ask them "What do you mean?" Then they teach me the meaning of the words. It's so good for my English study! One day, it happened on P.E class. It was so hot a day that day. I said "I'm so hot" to Korean. Then she said "Don't say that!" to me. "I'm hot" has the same meaning as "I'm sexy". My Korean friend taught me "If you wanna say that, you should say "It's hot."" I didn't know that before she taught me. I'm very thankful to her. My host family takes me to a lot of place to have me make good experiences. My host mom and dad said that "Your English is getting better than first". I was so glad. At first, I could only say "yeah" when someone asked me. But now I can add other words to "yeah" and answer. There are things I cannot catch or don't know even after four months. I have to keep studying with conversation between me and my friends and host family. I'm getting ready to come back to Japan little by little. I bought gifts for my family and friends. I cannot image I have to go back to Japan after couple of weeks. Time passes very quickly. But I wanna enjoy the rest of my stay! I'll do my best.

△My Korean firend

△My host brother