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【学校情報】I'm having very nice time in Australia!

I'm having very nice time in Australia!
We had a swimming carnival on February 19th after school.
We went to the Olympic pool by school bus. Everyone wore crazy costumes.
It was really funny!! I didn't swim because I didn't have my swimming costume.
But I really wanted to swim!! I was cheering with my friends & I was singing, dancing,
and screaming! It was really fun!!!

We went to excursion to the city and art gallery for a tea ceremony on March 26th.
And we ate Japanese foods!! Then we went to the Kinokuniya. There were many Japanese magazines, comics and stationerys. So I was very happy! But it was very very expencive! Magazine is $21!!

Classes are very hard for me. But my friends help me everyday!!!

We have easter holiday in one week!!=)


This photo is my hostsister and I. My hostsister wore my YUKATA!!
She said," It's really cute!!"

CIMG1235 (1)2

And this photo is of my friends Michaela and Dianna and I am in the pool's stand.
They are studying Japanese. Michaela can speak Japanese a little
Michaela is in year 11. Dianna is in year 10. I'm in year 10!
Dianna is my classmate. I love my friends!!!