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Kia Ora!

'Kia Ora' means 'Hello and Thank you' in Māori. NZ's first inhabitants were called Māori and they have their own language. Its pronunciation is similar to Japanese. New Zealanders always use that word.
(「Kia Ora」はマオリ語で「こんにちは-ありがとう」と言う意味です。マオリ語はニュージーランドのネイティブの言葉で、発音は日本語に似ています。こちらでは挨拶の際にいつもこの言葉を使います。)

20150827_3 「shared lunch」

We call this event 'shared lunch'. We have it at the end of the term or for someone's birthday. In our ESOL class, I study with other international students so we bring traditional foods or sweets from different countries.
(学期末、もしくは誰かの誕生日に行う'shared lunch'と呼ばれるイベントがあります。ESOL(英語)の授業にはいろんな国から来た生徒がおり、それぞれの国の料理やデザートを持ち寄ります。)


I had a dance class. I performed three dances at the a school concert. It was such a good experience for me. I want to do that again!!


I went to a dance party with other international students from the northland area. It was fun and I made a lot of new friends.


I belong to the international language club. Last week we had international language week. I recorded radio in Japanese and English. I also taught Origami to the students. They looked happy.


I've found that things between Japan and New Zealand are very different. I'm enjoying my time here. I'll return to Japan soon, but before that I'm going to make more memories here in New Zealand!!