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About two weeks have passed since the beginning of my study-abroad life. At first, it was hard for me to get used to Australian school and life without my family. But now, I have a good time with my host family and enjoy the school life.

On 4th of May, I had a small party with international students at lunch time. This party has two meanings, "Welcome Japanese Students Party" and "Birthday Party"


↓Snacks were so sweet. (甘いお菓子!)

Next pictures are about "year 10 retreat", which is a kind of camp.

I went to "Dzintari" camping place. Seasons in Australia and Japan are opposite, so we are now in between fall and winter. But the sky was amazingly beautiful at night with so many stars.


At the camp, we had many activities, such as dancing, making dream catchers, and story-telling about the space. We even touch snakes and other animals.

I made a lot of friends and it was so good an experience for me. In week 4, we'll have another camp in our physical education class. I am looking forward to it, too!!