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【学校情報】news letter!

Hey! It's Yuna.
It's only 3 weeks left until we go back to japan!
But... how quick is that?!?!
seriously, I can't believe that we are coming home now!
Of course, I'm soooooooo exciting but at the same time, I'm realy sad to say good bye to my Australian friends and host families...
When I go to the my friend's party I'm keep thinking that I won't be able to enjoy with my Australian friends like this any more after I came home.
And that makes me so sad... But I will enjoy rest of my Australian life!

By the way, It's so hard to do study abroad. It's not that easy which I thought before I came here. I've cried many times. It's really hard to stay with host families and also making friends as well. Honestly, that's not easy. I couldn't really have friends in the begining.
But now, I have heaps friends! Of course, I survived! haha It's really changed now I think. Anyway, my friends are so nice and sweet. I've been to a Bondi where is a very famous beach in Sydney with them. That's was so fun and awesome!!! I love Bondi!!!
And also I went to a Sydney, my friend's birthday's party, dinner and so on.
Actually, I'm really enjoying Australia now. We took photos a lots!
And I've made so many memories since I came here!
I'm missing Japan so much but I don't wanna leave here I wanna go my friend's party and dinner and Sydney again!! Seriously, it's gonna be so hard to leave here... But anyway, I'm coming home so I'm really looking forward to meeting my Japanese friends!!!! And of course, my natural familis as well!!!
I'm so glad to know that how important my natural families are! If I didn't come here as an exchange student I wouldn't know about that. This exchange student's life will be so good experences for me. I'm so happy now.
Thanks for my natural families, host families, my friends and my teachers!

ok, see you soon at the Fukuoka airport!!!