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Wakana Kishihara:

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Nana Tomiyama:

I am going to finish school this semester on June 26th. In the last week, we don’t have homework and do fun things. I have homework and classes even during the last school week in Japan. Also, we have homework during summer vacation. This is one of the differences between Canadian schools and Japanese schools. I am excited about the next semester! Also, I hope we can study at school next semester.

My birthday is June 11th. My host family held my birthday party. My host family and my friends gave me many birthday presents. We had birthday cakes and cupcakes. I was so happy, and this is my favorite memory!
In Canada, many people spend time with their family and have a party on their birthday. I’ve never had my birthday party in Japan. Birthday parties are so fun and make me happy.
Nana 1

In Alberta, there are the top 8 world’s largest statues. These are Perogy, Sausage, Beaver, Mushrooms, Dinosaur, Bee, Oil Lamp, Duck. Also, there is the world’s second-largest Ukrainian styled Easter egg. I went to see it with my host father and host sisters. My host sister, Paley, wore her Ukrainian clothes, and we took pictures. This is in the park in Vegreville, Alberta. We also saw the largest Sausage. This is located in Mundare, Alberta. I want to see all the largest statues in Alberta.
Nana 2