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Nana’s November Report

November 11th is Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) is a memorial day for World War. World War 1 formally ended at 11:00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month. Many people wear a poppy. The poppy is a symbol to remember many people who died or were killed in the World War. The reason poppies are used to remember those who lost their lives in battles because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War 1 ended. At school, we had a ceremony for Remembrance Day.

In Alberta, Grade 7~12 will start online school from November 30th, so yesterday was the last day to see my friends and teachers.
I made many great memories with my friends and teachers. I’m so happy to have been able to have spent a great time at Thorhild Central School.


Nana Tomiyama:
Thanksgiving day is a holiday in Canada. This is on the second Monday in October. This holiday is for celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. We had a thanksgiving day on October 12 this year. We had a lot of traditional dishes. We had mashed potatoes with gravy, roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, beet leaf rolls, buns with butter and Greek salad, Caesar salad and ham. Also we had a pumpkin cheesecake and an apple pie. They were all delicious. We had a great day.

October 30 is Halloween. Many people enjoy Halloween. Many people wear the costumes and children go to trick-or-treating. We painted the bales and carved the pumpkins. That was my first time. We enjoyed that. At school, we were not able to wear costumes and have a party as usual because of COVID19. However, I could wear costumes at home on October 30. I was a cowgirl! I had a great Halloween day with my host family.


Kokona Kimura
I have been in New Zealand for 10 months. The time has flown by so fast I can’t believe that I have to go back to Japan in a month. I'm so sad to have to say goodbye to my host family, my friends and New Zealand. When I came to New Zealand, I was always confused because there are a lot of differences between Japan and New Zealand. But now I got used to them.

This month we have a holiday. I went to many places every day. During the holidays, we always have a party. We eat food , sing songs and watch movies. This time I taught my friend how to make sushi.

I went hiking in my outdoor class from the last day of school to the last day of the holidays. This hiking was really hard because it was 4 nights and 5 days. We walked 67 km in 5 days, we were carrying a bag that weighed about 20 kgs. We were brought a tent, food for 5 days, clothes, sleeping bag etc
If there wasn’t a toilet, we did it on the road. When we wanted to take a shower, we went to the river and washed our hair. We drank the river water for 5 days. After we finished my teacher told us we walked over 100 km within 30 hours.


Wakana Kishihara:
Time flies!! Recently I finally understand the meaning of “time flies like an arrow”. Honestly I’m excited to return back to Japan but I’m also frustrated and sad. I hope I can come back to New Zealand and see my friends in the near future. I literally love all of New Zealand!!
These days most classes are doing about NCEA, which is the university exam in New Zealand. So most students are studying hard even during break time. Because of this, everyone seems busy.

However, I had a lot of wonderful events this month. For example, I had the school ball. It’s like a American prom. Normally it is only an event for Year 12s and Year 13s. I am in Yr11 but school principal allowed me to go to the school ball. We wore a beautiful dress, shoes and some gorgeous jewellery. Also there are yummy food and live music. After we ate dinner, all of students were dancing. It was crazy:)When I returned back home, my leg was so sore. I couldn’t walk any more. Anyway the school ball became the biggest memory because Japanese high schools don’t have an event like this.


国際教養コース3年生 英検準1級に3名合格

国際教養コース3年生 英検準1級に3名合格しました。英検などの資格は、大学入試において、合格判定で優先されるなどの優遇措置があります。国際教養コースでは、英検、TOEFLやTOEICに積極的にチャレンジし、英語力の向上を図っています。英検は入学前も入学後も多くの学校で、英検・TEAP・IELTSを入試に活用できる「入試活用」制度や、入試以外でも活用できる「英検活用」制度があります。